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Anjana Dhanavanthan

Safe to say that today was the first time Lishaan painted. Yep, my three year old handled paints for the first time and I am proud of the outcome.

I have been apprehensive about him handling colors because of the mess he might make. But today, I took the plunge. Not only did he paint decently well, he also said stuff like 'i want to mix these these colors' or 'black and white is not a great combination on a dinosaur, let's do blue instead' or ' let's put dots on Christmas tree'.

The whole activity lasted 20 minutes with me being his assistant (wiping the brush, holding the wooden figures). Now, we are waiting for the art pieces to dry so we can paint on the other side too!

Glad my genes are there somewhere ????????????

P.s.: I painted that eye on the stegosaurus just because I couldn't see him eye-less ????????????

Edited to add: the brown in the tree is a result of him dipping green brush in red paint. Logic.

The stegosaurus is multicolored cos he got bored of just red (dipped in blue). .

The T-Rex has black eyes. I know, even I can't see ????????.


Shreya Shetty

She uses it like a belt, a see saw, as a tunnel...amazing how children use their imagination with open ended toys...

Saru Mukherjee Sharma

This year, with so much happening in such a short span of time we haven't been able to do any Diwali ki safai or Decor yet. But that's my favorite part of Diwali ????

My idea of a perfect home is not a Big giant house but a sweet & cozy house with minimal meaningful furniture, creatively decorated walls & lots of family pictures, Adequate sunlight (very important) and "Positivity" ???? .
Rudi & mommy are enjoying here with @piccolotoys_india 's memory game. It's a good food for their tiny brains!
What's that one thing you think a perfect home should have?

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