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Toys that grow with your child.

Piccolo Toys is an Indian toy company started by an Indian mumma for your little ones! 


Wooden toys are classic and can be passed on through generations, making them heirloom pieces! Many of the toys in the market are painted in toxic colours which can be harmful for your child.  All Piccolo toys are made by manufacturers in India, with top quality wood sourced locally and finished with non toxic, lead free colours !

Our Toys are minimalistic, open ended and montessori inspired namely our bestselling Rainbow Stackers, Pastel Building Blocks, and our Colourful Window Blocks.  


We are also now foraying into Childrens Furniture like Table Chair Sets, Bookshelves, Cupboards, Organizers, etc all customized to the theme of your room!

Drop us an email or Whatsapp on 7620660235 for customizations!



Happy shopping!

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